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Age of Bronze

Age of Bronze
By Eric Shanower

An infatuated Trojan prince kidnaps the legendary beauty, Queen Helen of Sparta. Helen’s husband swears to get her back. So begins the Trojan War. Featuring the greatest of the Greek heroes: Achilles, Odysseus, and Herakles, and a cast of thousands. Award-winning writer/artist Eric Shanower’s extraordinary project is informed by research from every imaginable source about the Trojan War, including ancient legends to medieval romances to contemporary scholarship. With wit, invention, and a great deal of love, Shanower synthesizes his sources into a wonderfully rich narrative. Don’t let the scholarly aspects daunt you. Shanower never forgets that he is retelling one of the greatest adventure stories ever. Courageous heroes, breathtaking women, intrigue, romance, and violence are all presented with some of the most lushly detailed art you can find outside of a museum.

For fans of 300, The Odyssey, Charley’s War and Clash of the Titans