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By Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, Alex Puvilland

After the final crusade in The Holy Land has ended, Christian warriors disperse to their various homelands. One Knight Templar returns to France to find his order has been betrayed by his king. Philip IV fears the popularity of the Templars and covets their riches. He accuses them of blasphemy and other crimes to justify imprisoning and executing them. The central character of this story is Martin, a low-level, idealistic Templar who evades capture. When Martin learns of the whereabouts of a hidden Templar treasure, he resolves to do whatever he can to keep it from the King and see that it’s used for righteous purpose.

The writer and artist have crafted the most rousing, kinetic adventure I’ve ever read in graphic form. As if Alexandre Dumas (Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask) had written a graphic novel for modern readers. Anchored in a convincingly realized, harsh medieval world and populated with a fascinating cast, Templar will remind you why comics are the most exciting medium on the planet right now.

For fans of Northwest Passage and Crogan’s Vengeance