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The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin
By Hergé

Hergé’s Tintin comics might be the best boys adventure comics ever made. Immensely influential in Europe, both in his “clear line” art style and storytelling format, they have sadly had less of an impact in America. Tintin is a young reporter who starts off crusading against international crime syndicates and drug smugglers, often with a pistol in hand for some frontline reporting, and later finds himself involved in cases ranging from the Cold War, scientific explorations, human slavery, archaelogical mysteries, sunken pirate treasure, the Abominable Snowman, the Japanese occupation of China, Latin American revolutions, and even a trip to the moon! With his trusted sidekick, the clever dog Snowy, Tintin soons acquires a boatload of recurring villains and unique friends, such as the swearing drunkard Captain Haddock, the bumbling detectives Thompson and Thomson, and absent-minded genius Professor Calculus. The earliest adventures were redrawn for the now standard 50-70 page length and recolored, and still show some roughness. But by the end of the 21 book series, an entire story could be set around Tintin and his friends recuperating from their last adventure at home, and it is as fascinating as a trip to the moon!

For fans of Indiana Jones and Leave It To Chance