Jorge Aguirre & Jeremy Whitley Signing May 5 May10


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Jorge Aguirre & Jeremy Whitley Signing May 5


Jorge Aguirre (left) and Jeremy Whitley (right) ready to greet the Free Comic Book Day hordes!


Another awesome signing took place at Big Planet Comics on May 5 when we got to welcome two new comic writers, Jeremy Whitley, who just released the first trade paperback of Princeless (art by M. Goodwin), and Jorge Aguirre, who just put out Giants Beware! (art by Rafael Rosado).

As always, it was great to see so many of Jeremy and Jorge’s fans show up (including Jorge’s family!), and since May 5 was also Free Comic Book Day, some new fans got to discover their work. We hustled them from our Vienna store over to College Park for their second appearance (after a Plaka Grill gyro lunch break!)

We have signed copies of Princeless 1: Save Yourself at our stores, but we sold out of every copy of Giants Beware! at the signing, so we only have non-signed copies now! Sorry.

Jeremy promised that more Princeless will be out late this summer or early fall, and has ambitious plans for the series. Hopefully we’ll get some more from Jorge soon too!

Jeremy Whitley’s blog:

Jeremy’s publishing house, Firetower Studios:

Jeremy’s twitter: @jrome58

Jorge Aguirre’s twitter: @jorgeagu

For more information on Giants Beware!, go to

Here are some pictures from the signing!


Jorge Aguirre and Jeremy Whitley explain to a fan why fantasy kids comics featuring female protagonists are all the rage now.



Jorge showing off his art skills.



Jeremy showing off his art skills.



SUPER HEROES. I think that says it all! Thanks everyone!