Nathan Edmondson Signing 29 June 2013 Jul05


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Nathan Edmondson Signing 29 June 2013

Nathan Edmondson signing

Despite his second-hand status, Nathan Edmondson is happy to sign his comics for everyone!

Big Planet Comics was proud to host Nathan Edmondson as he tours for the many, many comics he writes, including his hit new series, The Dream Merchant! Some of his other titles include The Activity, Who is Jake Ellis?, Ultimate Iron Man, Grifter, The Light, A+X #9, and Olympus.

Dream Merchant

In The Dream Merchant (with art by Konstantin Novosadov) : Haunted by recurring dreams, a boy named Winslow is hunted by mysterious beings and protected by an old traveler. Soon Winslow will realize that what is in his dreams is what the rest of the world has been made to forget–and what strange entities will stop at nothing to erase from his mind.

Nathan’s website:
Follow Nathan on twitter: @NHEdmondson

Unfortunately for Nathan, he had been caught in the edge of the huge Friday storms, forcing him to wait in an airport for 9 hours before getting to DC, leaving him a bit on edge! Luckily he found some military personnel to talk comics with, and despite his exhaustion, he rallied as his fans began to arrive.

Nathan Edmondson signing and sketching

What few know is Nathan can also be egged on to sketching lovely French girls!

After the signing, Nathan invited everyone out to local pub Solly’s for a great evening of chat and people watching as the weather hit a near perfect temperature. We all got to hear about his many encounters with the insanity of Hollywood and the comics community, as well as some debates over the best comics and TV shows out there.

Nathan Edmondson's femme francaise

Maggie was a lucky fan who got Nathan’s rendering of a femme francaise!

For those of you who missed him, we have extra copies of several of his books signed by him! Thanks again to Nathan for appearing and to everyone who came out!

Nathan Edmondson points to the truth

Nathan points the masses towards the truth