Podcast Special! “SPX 2012” Sep28


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Podcast Special! “SPX 2012”

This week we talk about SPX 2012 with special guest Mike Dawson!

SPX is at spxpo.com

Mike Dawson is at http://www.mikedawsoncomics.com/

Also, we review all these books that we picked up at the show:

Curveball volume 1 by Jeremy Sorese
Damn Fine Coffee: A Twin Peaks Fanzine by Jesse Balmer, Christina Barrera, Tuesday Basen, Gillian Blekkenhorst, Sam Bosma, Julianna Brion, Kali Ciesemier, Grace Danico, Kyle Fewell, Alex Fine, Ryan Fortney, Pete Gamlen, Diego Garcia, Jimmy Giegerich, Jennifer “Bagel” Han, Trevor Henderson, Greg Houston, Andrea Kalfas, Eleni Kalorkoti, Jonathan Kennedy, Kelly Laserre, Roman Muradov, Jen Mussari, Gant Powell, Andrew Schick, Dadu Shin, Jenn Woodall, Ping Zhu
Ghost Story by Rob Ullman
Gorilla Year #1 by Cara Bean
Hyperspeed to Nowhere by Lale Westvind
Ian Jay Super Comics 1 SC by Ian Jay
Immovable Objects by James Hindle
Neon Super Gladiator #1 by Andy Kettler
New Sludge City by Brendan Leach
Ramble On! #2 by Calvin Wong
Rav #2 + 3 by Mickey Zacchilli
Roll for Initiative! by Jimmy Giegerich
Satan is Alive: A Tribute to Mercyful Fate by Mark Rudolph, Kim Holm, Ben Marra, Tom Neely, J. T. Dockery, Fenriz, Tim Sievert, Kevin Cross, Ed Luce, Philip Anselmo, Brian Turner, Kelly Larson, Chuck BB, Roger Langridge, Bruno Guerreiro, Stephanie Buscema, Tim Shagrat, Xenocblood, J. Bennett, Nick Green, Mark Thompson, Vasilis Lolos, Sam Wolf, Scott Carlson, Chris Dick, Sara Turner, Johnny Ryan, Dave Acosta, Mike Erdody, Danny Martin, Trevor Strnad
SF #2 by Ryan Cecil Smith
Speedhog the Hedgehog by Zach Marcus, Tyler Hutchison, Becky Dreistadt, J. R. Goldberg, Ian Jones-Quartey, Geneva Hodgson, Phil McAndrew, Jeremy Sorese, Brandon B., Marlo Meekins, KC Green, Roman Muradov, Sam Logan, Anthony Clark, Nico Calaleo, Josh PM Frees, Shmorky, Jamie Dee Galey, Tyson Hesse, Frank Gibson
Treasure Chest volume 1 by Sam Bosma

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