Raina Telgemeier Signing September 22 Sep28


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Raina Telgemeier Signing September 22

Raina pauses signing books to take a pic with some of her fans!

Big Planet Comics was honored to have acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Raina Telgemeier appear at two of our stores on Saturday, September 22! Raina has done minicomics and adapted the popular novel series The Babysitters Club into graphic novels, and even done an X-Men graphic novel. Her breakout was her own story Smile, a tale of her experiences as a kid when she knocked out her two front teeth! Smile recently hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels, and she just published her next book, a fictional story called Drama about a young girl named Callie. Callie is part of the crew for the drama club at her middle school and they are putting on a new play! Callie also has to deal with friends, new interesting boys, and in general, lots of drama! Although they are targeted at a middle school audience, they are great for all ages.

We also got to interview Raina right before her first signing for the Big Planet Comics podcast, check out our interview in Podcast 60! (Raina’s interview starts around 21:15)

Raina had a great turnout, as we expected! Lots of young fans and families, which is always great to see! She took the time to ask a lot of questions and snapped some of her own pictures with her fans! Then she put on a demonstration of her drawing technique, drawing a giant picture of Callie working on making the set for her next play, one that was set in a comic book store! Pictures are below.

We have signed copies of Drama, Smile, and all four Babysitters Club books if you weren’t able to make it. Thanks to everyone for coming in!

Raina put up a whole article about her entire weekend, since she was also a guest at the National Book Festival! Here are lots of cool pics and her thoughts on it all! http://goraina.com/?p=1371

Raina Telgemeier’s website: http://goraina.com/

Here are some more pictures from the signings:

Raina sketching in books! Note the blank display behind her!

Raina enjoys a taste of imported Australian honey, thanks to our caterer Topham!

The crowd of Raina's fans presses close as she keeps signing!

Even more fans and friends posing for pictures!

Raina begins a sketch with audience suggestions of Callie making a set!

Raina begins filling in Callie's outline

Raina fills in the background of the stage

Raina keeps filling in background curtains even after signing the full drawing!