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The Sword

Dara Brighton is a young, paraplegic woman who is simply trying to get through college and live a normal life. However, life becomes anything but normal when three powerful strangers break into her family’s home and demand that Dara’s father give them a sword. The father denies knowing anything about the sword in question, causing the strangers to kill Dara’s family and set their home aflame. As the house burns down around her, Dara crashes through the floor into a hidden room which contains a sword. When she grasps the sword, Dara’s wounds begin to heal and her paralysis is cured. What is the sword? Who are the murderous strangers? And why did Dara’s father let himself and his family be killed rather than turn over the sword? The answers to those questions are provided with astounding plot twists and breakneck pacing.

For fans of Echo and Ultra