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Tiny Tyrant

Tiny Tyrant
By Lewis Trondheim and Fabrice Parme

King Ethelbert is the 6-year-old monarch of a tiny nation, who rules it pretty much the way you’d expect a kid would… according to whatever whim is currently flitting though his head. For example, when
Ethelbert is assigned a new bodyguard, he decides to test his mettle by putting a contract on himself to see how well the bodyguard responds! In another episode, Ethelbert wants a dinosaur named after him, so he coerces his scientists to create a new type of dinosaur and then… well, you really should read it yourself. They do the telling much better than I can. This collection of 12 short, interconnected stories will charm and delight readers. The art is drawn in a crisp, animated style with clean, vibrant color.

For fans of Calvin and Hobbes